The Zula youth club

The Zula is a safe haven in Jerusalem for at-risk teens


The Zula is a safe haven in Jerusalem for at-risk teens, mostly from Religious Zionist backgrounds, who feel disconnected from traditional settings.Typically, participants are out-of-touch with their families, teachers and are often are experiencing a crisis of faith. Many are involved in substance abuse or other anti-social behaviors.

Located in the center of Jerusalem, The Zula employs a team of counselors and educational professionals to help teens emerge from risk situations and return to normative social and academic life, so that they may experience success and personal advancement.

With the assistance of the Jewish Agency the program is able to provide solutions for youth who come from the Diaspora, in personal conversations, in dealing with crises, and in helping to return to normal social life.

The Zula is the only framework available today in Jerusalem and the surrounding area that provides services to youth at risk from the national religious sector.

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