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Canaan/Eretz Israel



Jews Elsewhere



Jewish Culture



General History



Jewish population, Egypt- 800,000






































































































































































































1st Century BCE






 Roman  Period
























Alexander Jannai openly quarrels with Pharisees and provokes 6-year civil war.



Alexander Jannai kills 800 Jewish rebels in Jerusalem.






Peace made with Nabateans: Alex. Jannai embarks on a campaign to Judanize Greek cities in Transjordan.






Alexandra Salome, widow of Alex. Jannai succeeds him; appoints son Hyrcanus II as high priest.






Reinstates Pharisees' ordinances, and their control of Temple practices and calendar. Keeps the Peace.




































Aristobulus II, younger son of Salome, wrests kingship and high priesthood from Hyrcanus II: allies with Sadducees.






Both brothers seek Rome's support in power struggle.






Pompeii now controls Judea.






Pompeii invades Judea, decides in favor of Hyrcanus II. Temple mount besieged and captured.



Hyrcanus stripped of all political holdings except Judea, Galilee, and Idumea. Pompeii ends Hasmonean regime.



Antipater, the Edumean gains power, assists Hyrcanus.

































Anti- Jewish activities in Egypt.

































































































































(65) Slaughtering of Jews in Italy.

































Aristobulus and captives marched through Rome, becomes core of Rome's growing Jewish community.



























































































































"Damascus Document" composed in Hebrew (found in Cairo Genizah) interprets several biblical prophecies.






Qumran community assembled near Dead Sea.






Shemaya and Autalyon become leaders in Sanhedrin.






























The notion of an anointed Savior (Messiah) is attested in the Book of Psalms.















(96) Tigrames, King of Armenia












Civil war leaves Rome under senate.


























































































(73-71) Spartacus Revolt






(70) Virgil.
















































Pompeii subjugates Syria, eliminates Seleucid regime.







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