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7th Century BCE 698































































































































































End of Syrian Empire     











































































Hezekiah (Judah) promotes religious reform. Considers rebelling against Assyria with Egyptian support and imprisons pro. Assyrian Philistine king.






Sennacherib, King of Assyria. Crushes Lachish and other Judean cities. Withdraws from Jerusalem after exacting heavy tribute; withdraws due to plague. [a]






Judah: Manasseh succeeds Hezekia supports Assyrian campaign against Egypt.










































King Amon, Son of Menasseh, assassinated by his slaves. Josiah (brother) made king of Judah.















Josiah renews the covenant, asserts Judean nationalism. Takes control of Samaria, other N. Israelites areas. Removes pagan influence. Book of the Law (Deuteronomy?) found.






























Josiah, supporting Babylon against Assyria, is killed at Megiddo.






Jehoabim appointed puppet king by Necho II of Egypt.






Babylonia (having routed the Egyptians) now ravages Judea. Judah submits to Babylonian control.






Judah enslaved to Babylon; First exile from Judah in days of Jehoakim





















































































































Establishment of Jewish settlement in Yeb.












Hezekiah builds water tunnel to protect Jerusalem in event of Assyrian reprisal. [c]



Isaiah urges Hezekiah to desist from attacking Assyria.



























Isaiah predicts Assyrian downfall.












Manasseh introduces pagan rituals and symbols into Judah and Temple including Assyrian astral cult.











































































Prophets Zephamia and Jeremiah threaten national catastrophe if Judeans do not abandon paganism.



Josiah assembles Israelites to celebrate Pesach at the Temple in Jerusalem.
























Prophet Nachum sees divine retribution in destruction of Assyria.






Jeremiah decries immortality. Josiah's reforms have not taken hold amongst all the people.



Lycurgus, legislator in Sparta.



Sargon II captures Babylon.






























Sennacherib crushes Tyre, deposes Babylonian king.






























First stone shrine to Apollo (700)





















Assyria rebuffs Babylonian affront; defeats Egypt . (689)



Thebes destroyed. End of 25th dynasty in Egypt.



First Japanese Emperor (660) Sparta becomes a soldiers state



Central European Celts extend domain to Atlantic. (650)












Assyria squashes rebelling neighbor states.



Vast library of Mesopotamia literature collected in Nineveh.









Babylon rested from Assyrian yolk; Neo-Babylonian Empire founded.












Assyrian Army in retreat against condition of Medes and Babylonians.






Babylonians defeat Egypt, destroy remaining Assyrian army at Carcemish, Syria.







































Zoroastrian culture (powers of light and dark) in E. Persia.



Greek poetess Sappho of




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