Derech Eretz

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The post-high school service learning program cultivates self-reliance and communal responsibility

Derech Eretz is designed for young people from Israel’s outlying areas. The program unites various sectors of Israeli society and helps older teens find their hidden strengths. It is a six-month-long life-changing experience.

Activities include hiking and learning about the land, its ecology, and its history – both ancient and modern. In addition, the program provides wilderness survival training, social exercises in pluralism and dialogue, classes in philosophy and life skills, and service learning. 
In a pre-army program like Derech Eretz, acquiring confidence, motivation, and skills presents unexpected opportunities in the military, which impacts every life prospect after that. The empowerment that takes place at Derech Eretz is transformative for individual futures, and, consequently, for Israeli society as a whole.
There are two groups at the Nitzana Educational Eco-Village a cutting-edge model of environmental education in the heart of the Negev, and one in the outlying town of Yeruham.
The groups at Nitzana are involved with all aspects of life in the community, volunteering and working with participants attending other programs at the Educational Center, including engaging with Jews from North America and the FSU participating on Masa Israel Journey.



Derech Eretz Mechinah

Derech Eretz Mechina Derech Eretz Mechina Derech Eretz Mechina Derech Eretz Mechina Mechinat Derech Eretz in Nitzana
27 Oct 2013 / 23 Heshvan 5774