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The Net@ program increases the educational, social and economic opportunities of youth living in Israel's peripheral communities and works to reduce Israel's digital divide.

The Net@ program is geared to increase the social, economic, and educational opportunities of disadvantaged youth from Israel's geographical and social peripheries through technology education.

As hi-tech becomes increasingly central to Israel's economic success, computer literacy and IT training is critical in order to ensure social mobility for young Israelis from disadvantaged backgrounds. Furthermore, Israel's peripheral towns have a lower socio-economic status and are characterized by higher rates of unemployment and high school drop-out rates compared to urban centers.

Net@ is an after-school program which instills leadership, personal empowerment and social responsibility values in youth through advanced professional technological skills training over a four-year, modular curriculum—training over 1,000 young Israelis from all demographics in 15 communities each year.

Net@ participants graduate with advanced technological, professional, and leadership skills, making them attractive candidates for top jobs in science and technology-related fields.

An integral part of the Net@ program is FIXIT, enabling participants to gain experience in computer repair and refurbing, and running a small business. Through FIXIT, they use their newly-learned skills to give back to their communities and to promote environmental conservation through e-waste recycling programs.

The program was established in conjunction with Keren Hayesod, Cisco, and Appleseeds Academy.





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28 Oct 2013 / 24 Heshvan 5774