Young Activism

Young ActivismThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©
The Jewish Agency's Young Activism activities are dedicated to investing in young Israelis who value social activism as a way of life, repairing the world, and long-term change.
The Jewish Agency builds a thriving Israel by harnessing social activism in service of vulnerable populations. Our Young Activism programs focus on harnessing the enthusiasm and idealism of young Israelis in particular.
The Negev and Galilee lack sufficient social services and suffer a drain of young adults but hold great potential if their resources are harnessed and nurtured.
Our professional staff offers their outstanding expertise to train young Israelis to become leaders, social entrepreneurs, and skilled volunteers who widen the circles of impact. 
We invest in “social capital,” the volunteers’ commitment to live in the vulnerable communities where they have served.
It is based on the vision of a model society in Israel built via a re-awakened sense of collective Jewish purpose. It is dedicated to the values of social activism as a way of life, repairing the world, and long-term change. It also encourages young Israelis to add a social-entrepreneurship element to their activities, so that their initiatives to assist others can become self-sustaining. 
The Jewish Agency's Young Activism programs help secure the Jewish future by 
  1. sparking the Jewish value of social responsibility 
  2. reigniting the pioneer spirit that built Israel
  3. empowering a generation of leaders
  4. creating equal opportunities for populations at risk