Mechinot: Post High-School Service Learning

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At Mechinot, Israeli high school graduates participate in Jewish study, volunteerism, and leadership training, towards a more engaged citizenship and a brighter future.

Mechinot: Post-High School Service Learning programs provide Israeli 18-19 year olds with an opportunity for Jewish study, volunteering, skill-building, and personal development before they enter their national service.

The programs, which encourage a unique mix of self-reliance and communal responsibility, give the high school graduates a framework in which to develop latent leadership abilities. Participants live, work, and study together in small groups with inspiring role models.

There are various clusters of Jewish Agency MechinotDerech Eretz, for young people from Israel's social and geographic periphery; the Alma program for young women from the peripheries; and Kol Amiwhich includes both Israelis and students from abroad, so they can strengthen the ties between Israeli and young global Jewry; and Aharai! B'ir , which follows similar curricula but is unique in that it is urban-based.


Mechinot Experiences

  • Derech Eretz Mechina

    Derech Eretz

    The post-high school service learning program cultivates self-reliance and communal responsibility

    27 Oct 2013 / 23 Heshvan 5774
  • Aharai! provides its post-high school participants with pre-operational training for a meaningful army service and engaged citizenship after their service.

    Aharai! B'ir

    Urban post-high school service-learning programs for Israeli youth

    27 Oct 2013 / 23 Heshvan 5774


    Pre-Military Academy for Female Leadership

    16 Apr 2015 / 27 Nisan 5775
  • Kol Ami Mechina

    Kol Ami

    Post-high school service-learning in Israel's center where Israelis and young adults from global Jewish communities learn and work together

    27 Oct 2013 / 23 Heshvan 5774