Hamitham: Arad Young Adult's Social Hub

Arad HubThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©
A social hub in the Negev Desert city of Arad harnesses the passion of young idealists in the creation of a community.

Hamitham, the new young adults’ social hub was established in 2012 to stimulate cultural activity in Arad and to encourage young Israelis to build a Young Community in Arad and the Negev. 

The Jewish Agency transformed its Yafit Absorption Center campus into a facility where enthusiastic young Israelis, aged 20-35, live in subsidized housing for up to three years. They volunteer within Arad, pioneering new social and cultural opportunities for all residents of the city. 
Today, almost 70 young people live on the campus, and organize city events for festivals, theater performances, recreational activities, and other programs that enhance the social quality of life.