Ketzev: Social Business

Ketzev: Social Business, Building CommunityThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©
Through Ketzev, the Young Communities’ projects become financially independent, while continuing to build on social-activism values, and help build and stimulate others in their communities and their local economies.
Ketzev (a Hebrew acronym for “Young Communities Establishing Social Businesses”) creates businesses which benefit the local communities in Israel’s geographic and cultural peripheries, thereby creating economic opportunity and widening the circle of impact of social activism. 
The program teaches groups of idealistic Israeli social activists to add a social-entrepreneurship element to their activities, so that their initiatives to assist others can become self-sustaining. 
It does so by providing grants, lessons in business and entrepreneurship, mentorship and other support services, connections with sources of initial funding, and introductions to potential partners. It cultivates social business as a means of social change.
Ketzev functions within the framework of The Jewish Agency’s Young Communities enterprise. A Young Community is a group of young Israelis who commit to living, working, and volunteering in vulnerable areas, participating in, and creating, solutions for long-term, sustainable growth in their region.