In the framework of "Partnership 2Gether Karmiel-Misgav-Pittsburgh" of the Jewish Agency for Israel, a mission of 13 volunteers from Pittsburgh arrived for a visit in the region. The volunteers arrived in Israel during the period of April 28 - May 4 in order to donate their time and energy for the benefit of the Karmiel and Misgav communities.
The volunteers were hosted by families from the area.
During the morning hours, the volunteers worked at Kishorit, renovated a kindergarten at Ras Al Ain and arranged used clothing at the area's second-hand shop in Tardion. During the afternoon hours, they volunteered in the multicultural community garden in Karmiel's Western Neighborhood and the Ayalim Students Village.
As noted, some of the volunteers were partners in the renovation of the kindergarten at Ras Al Ain in honor of its renewed opening this coming September (the kindergarten was closed for the past two years because of an insufficient number of children). On Thursday, May 1, 2015, a happening was held in the kindergarten to mark the renovation's conclusion that
was attended by the young people of the village and its local council. It was very exciting to see how together with our volunteers the entire community was capable of coming together to make the kindergarten a pleasant and inviting place.
Additionally, the volunteers visited the amazing program known as "Krembo Wings" the only youth movement for children with
special needs in Israel and the world, (young people with special needs aged 7-21) Activities are carried out with the assistance of over 1,650 able-bodied youth counselors, aged 14-18, who are active in the branches and learn the value of volunteering and leadership.
The volunteers concluded their visit by saying, "We enjoyed volunteering in Karmiel and Misgav, the area where you live is so
beautiful. The home hospitality we received from our host families and the ability to gain an insight into the routine life of the average Israeli family taught us a lot. We will be happy to return here again!"
The hosting of volunteer mission of the Pittsburgh partner community is another partnership program that aims to bring as many people from the partner communities, young people and adults, together in Israel and abroad. The interpersonal meeting contributes tremendously to connecting the participants to the State of Israel and the Jewish tradition of us all. "Volunteerism is the means", Anat Sharvit, the region's P2G manager noted, "creating warm people to people relationships is the objective".



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