Mifne for haredi families

Mifne for Haredi Families is an innovative and holistic workforce integration program developed by the Be-Atzmi NGO and geared towards the weakest socio-economic sector of the Haredi population. Kiryat Gat is one of three towns selected to participate in the program this year, alongside Migdal HaEmek and Ashdod. The goal of the program is to create stable, maintainable employment and financial independence for the lower socio-economic groups in the Haredi community. The program revolves around the following objectives: integrating Haredi men (the primary participants) into the workforce, retaining their wives' employment, and ensuring long-term success by educating couples to understand and properly manage their finances. The program includes a workforce integration workshop and personal mentoring for the participating men; financial coaching for men and women separately; and couples’ mentoring to prepare them for the life changes that their success in the workforce will require.