Personal empowerment and learning for children from families at risk

The YOUniversity program, which has been operating successfully in in Kiryat Gat for the past five years, offers students after-school enrichment courses in science and technology. Stemming from the belief that every child has the potential to succeed, the program is open to all students (not only outstanding ones) - boys, girls, secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox. Up to date, about 2,000 students in grades 1-9 (from most schools in the city) have participated in the program. The program provides courses in the fields of science and technology, for personal and educational empowerment. The goal of this application is to expand the robotics program in two additional schools for a population of students who come from at-risk families receiving aid from “Potchim-Atid” organization. As part of the cooperation between the two organizations, the students will receive weekly mathematics lessons (“Potchim-Atid”) and weekly robotics course lessons (Kadima-Mada).