Firiel Boulos/ FREEPAUL

Name of entrepreneur: Firiel Boulos

Place of residence: Nazareth Illit

Name of business: Freepaul

Type of investment: Production of shampoo for women who wear burkas, and promoting the line

Location: Nazareth Illit



Firiel worked as a bookkeeper until she met her husband. After she got married she started working on the financial side of her husband’s hair and bridal salon.

She also worked as a cosmetician to her husband’s clients.



In 2005 Firiel conceived the idea of developing a special shampoo for women who wear a burka.

The development stage started in 2007 and lasted around three years, during which time Firiel worked with professional laboratories and an experienced chemist.

Over those three years, she received and studied feedback from the hairdressing salon’s customers who tried the shampoo.

In 2010 Firiel finalized the formula and produced four types of shampoo that contain ingredients to protect the scalp against hair loss, including vitamins, vegetable extracts, and quality raw materials from France.

With the help of a loan that Firiel received through the Detroit Loan Fund, she began production and initial marketing of the shampoos.

Firiel recently joined forces with a large distribution company and the products are on sale in around 70 pharmacies around the country.

There is also interest in the shampoo from companies abroad.

Firiel greatly appreciates the contribution made by the Federation of Detroit,

and says their assistance significantly helped to advance her business activity.

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