Hanita Fridman / KARMISOFT

Entrepreneur Name : Hanita Fridman

Residence: Karmiel

Business Name: Karmisoft  www.karmisoft.com

Investment Description: Working capital

Location: Karmiel


Hanita was born and raised on Kibbutz Neot Mordehai in the North

of Israel. After she graduated from high school, Hanita volunteered for a ShnatSherut (Year of National Service.) During this year, she helped establish Kibbutz Retamim in the Negev.

After the IDF, Hanita studied Mechanical Engineering at Haifa’s Technion (Israel Institute of Technology.) She then spent

a year working for the Volvo car company in Sweden.

After returning to Israel, she worked as development manager at

Amiad Irrigation Systems. Concurrently,together with Stef Wertheimer, she initiated the creation of the industrial park

at Tel Hai. At the age of 32, Hanita became religious

and left Kibbutz Neot Mordehai, moving to Karmiel.

For the next 13 years she worked as development manager at a number of companies.

At the age of 46, Hanita decided to found Karmisoft.


About Karmisoft

Karmisoft is a software and hardware company, established to develop software and hardware for various companies in

Israel and around the world.

Upon starting the company, one of the main decisions Hanita made was to employ women from the ultra-Orthodox community, with working hours that would allow the women to combine family life with work at a high-tech company.

Soon after its establishment, Karmisoft attracted investment in the form of Rivka Rakovski. Mrs. Rakovski is a wealthy ultra-Orthodox woman whose two daughters live in Karmiel.

Mrs. Rakovski considered investing in the company both a business opportunity and a social justice opportunity.

Changing the employment structure of ultra-Orthodox women in the area of Karmiel had the potential to generate waves of change for that society and beyond.

The company’s sales turnover in 2011 is expected to be in the region of NIS 2 million. The company currently employs 14 personnel, and is expected to recruit another 10 or so employees in 2012.

Recently, the company found itself in cash flow difficulties, as a result of the payment conditions of its customers and the need to expand the personnel.

The loan Hanita received from the Pittsburgh Loan Fund allowed

the unique company to continue expanding.

Hanita would like to thank the Pittsburgh Community for its help, and to extend an invitation to members of the community to visit the company when they are in the region.