Since its inception, and through the end of 2018, The Jewish Agency has assisted about 1,900 businesses and created about 9,500 jobs.

The Loan Funds assist entrepreneurs and business owners in Israel to fulfill their dreams and open or expand their businesses, through loans with highly attractive conditions. This assistance is possible only due to donations targeting specific loan funds which are leveraged to seven times their value.

Our Loan Funds are based on a revolving collateral pool: each loan paid off allows the granting of a new loan. So far the return history is especially high standing at over 98% of the money given.

  • Opening new business and expanding existing ones narrowing socio-economic gaps and encourages growth in the Israeli market. 

  • Help us encourage entrepreneurs and economic development, for the future of Israel.



For more information please contact:

Amir Sznajderman 972-2-6202763