Revital (Tali) Friedman / ATELIER

Name of entrepreneur: Revital (Tali) Friedman

Age: 37

Place of residence: Jerusalem (“I am a Jerusalemite not only by address, but also in my heart and soul”)

Name of business: Atelier Culinary Experience

Type of investment: Opening a culinary school, with services including guided tours of Mahaneh Yehudah Market (“the shuk”) in Jerusalem

Location of business: Mahaneh Yehudah Market, Jerusalem



Tali Friedman is a Jerusalem chef with a strong bond with the city. She is a graduate of Hadassah College and of the prestigious Lenôtre School in Paris. She has 17 years of experience in the profession, including work in the kitchens of Israel’s top chefs. Before opening Atelier she worked as a marketing manager and chef at Ta’amim Culinary School in Jerusalem.

Working in a kitchen did not provide Tali with enough of an outlet for her creative and culinary aspirations. She began to visit Mahaneh Yehudah Market with a student, to get know the market and buy quality products.

In 2008 she started her own small business, offering culinary workshops and conducting guided tours of the shuk.



Tali looked for a way to combine her love of cooking, and teaching others to cook, with her deep love for Mahaneh Yehudah, the scents of Jerusalem, and the city’s enchanting ambiance.

In October 2009 Tali’s dream became a reality when she officially opened Atelier.

Atelier is based in a wonderful studio apartment in the heart of the shuk with an expansive view.

Tali offers a different kind of authentic Jerusalem experience. Participants enjoy a fun day out in Jerusalem that begins with a 90-minute guided culinary tour, which stops at the most attractive stalls in the shuk (focusing on whatever happens to be the most interesting spots of the day). The day ends with a festive Israeli meal including seven dishes and Israeli wine, enjoyed by the participants in the Atelier kitchen.

The business currently employs five permanent workers. One of the employees is a professional chef, who took Tali’s cooking course.

The business has a healthy monthly client stream that has surpassed the forecast in the business plan.


Tali would like to express her gratitude to the representatives of the UJA-Federation of New York Entrepreneurial Fund for Jerusalem for their faith and for their assistance with opening the studio, which is now a fixture of the Jerusalem experience.