Rinat Dahari / TZIVONIM

Name of entrepreneur: Rinat Dahari

Age: 46

Place of residence: Moshav Liman

Name of business: Tzivonim Flowers and Gifts

Location: Moshav Liman

Type of investment: Establishing the business


Rinat Dahari has dreamed of opening her own business since she was a young woman. After her marriage 25 years ago and subsequent move to Moshav Liman, she helped her self-employed husband with his air-conditioner repair business. Later, she started her own small business of providing breakfasts to guests at the small inns in the area, but after three years returned to work as a salaried employee in the field of interior design.

For many years Rinat managed a fashion store, and during this period she began to plan, in earnest, the creation of her own business. Her dream has materialized as a flower and gift shop on the Daharis’ land in Moshav Liman.



Tzivonim opened in early 2012 and offers a wide range of unique gifts and decorative items, flowers, plants, honey, olive oil, and more – with an emphasis on products made in the Galilee.

The shop is located in a unique building next to Rinat’s home. The funds she received from the Western Galilee Foundation greatly assisted in the required renovation and design. Rinat purchased furniture and designed the store attractively for the grand opening.

Rinat works constantly to develop and nurture her business. For example, she hosts a wide variety of workshops and fun activities, such as Laughter-Yoga sessions, in order to provide existing and potential clientele with added value.

Rinat greatly appreciates the Western Galilee Consortium’s contribution to the establishment of her business.