Name of entrepreneur: Ori Sadeh

Age: 33

Place of residence: Kibbutz Hasolelim

Name of business: HC Editions (hc-edt.com)

Type of investment: Opening an art gallery and reproductions studio

Location: Kibbutz Hasolelim


After completing IDF combat service with the Signal Corps, Ori earned a degree in English Literature at the University of Haifa. At the same time, he worked as a project manager for Clalit Health Services.

Ori’s mother, a painter, asked Ori for his help with ordering a reproduction of a painting she had created.

After three failed attempts with photographers, and four inadequate prints, Ori realized that there was no sufficiently professional solution available capable of providing a high quality poster. He started formulating the idea of opening a facility that would serve both as a studio for world-class art reproductions and as a gallery for local artists and institutions.



In 2009, Ori acquired a printer and began a process of trial and error in his home, to perfect the reproduction process. After about a year of research, with the help of a loan from the Detroit Loan Fund, he established a gallery in rented premises on Kibbutz Hasolelim.

The space includes a studio with advanced equipment for photography and printing, for producing the highest-quality art reproductions; Ori has received European-standard approval for quality printing. The space also includes a large gallery that serves as an exhibition area.


Ori says that, had it not been for the assistance from the Detroit Loan Fund, he would have struggled to open his business at Kibbutz Hasolelim. He is very grateful for the contribution from the Detroit Fund toward the success of the studio and gallery, and his ability to make HC Editions one of the leading enterprises in its field.