Itzhak Avigdor And Amnon Valk / ALEF HANA’OT

Name of entrepreneurs: Itzhak Avigdor & Amnon Valk

Age: Itzhak – 47, Amnon – 60

Place of residence: Itzhak – Shorashim, Amnon – Yodfat

Name of business: Alef Hana’ot ve Sahar Ltd.

Location: Karmiel

Type of investment: Establishing a new automobile showroom and adapting the garage to the requirements of the car importer


After Itzhak finished his army service in the Nahal Corps, he got a job working at the Yodfat garage, where he met Amnon, who managed the garage.

In 1994, the entrepreneurs purchased the Yodfat garage, changed its name to Hana’ot, and relocated the business to Karmiel.


Itzhak and Amnon founded Hana’ot in Karmiel in 1994, starting out with a staff of 11 employees who mainly engaged in auto mechanics. Over the years the volume of business increased and the garage expanded its services to include bodywork and electrical and air conditioning services. The garage is also an authorized garage of Carasso, the official importer of Nissan and Renault cars to Israel.

In 2011, the importer established new requirements, which necessitated making physical changes to the garage and building a showroom and sales hall for new vehicles. Itzhak and Amnon applied for help from the Pittsburgh Loan Fund, to assist with carrying out the required renovations; they received a loan of NIS 300,000.

Following the renovations, the business has grown and today Alef Hana’ot ve Sahar has around 20 employees.

Itzhak and Amnon thank the Pittsburgh Loan Fund for helping them streamline the process of renovating and upgrading their business.