School Twinning-Delegation

The school twinning program influences our communities on many different levels: students, educators, principals, parents, siblings, school communities and the community at large. To increase this influence and to increase awareness of the program, it is important to have Broward educators visit their respective schools in Nesher. The educators would visit in the community, learn about the Jewish community, volunteer in their school twinning partner school, speak about the Nesher community, speak about Israel, teach in classes and meet with parents. The educators would be hosted by their respective schools and be hosted at the homes of educators. This program is an important element of the school twinning programming allowing the educators to understand the similarities and differences in our school systems, become acquainted with their peers and hold discussions on the development of the program in their schools. The program allows the educators to become connected on a personal level and to develop relationships and understanding of each other's culture and school systems, which allows smooth communication for further future programming.