Steering Committee Netanya

During spring 2018, in coordination with Partnership International Conference that will take place in 18 19 March, a delegation of Netanya committee members will visit Cincinnati to enhance relationships between the committee members, evaluate ongoing projects and prepare planning for 2019 project year. Goals Evaluate P2G programs Members of the steering committee will improve their working relationship Members of the steering committee will learn more about current P2G and Community programs and the host community The steering committee will decide upon the allocation of partnership funds towards P2P programs and related expenses The programs will be evaluated and the committee will plan for the next set of meetings Objectives Operate the Netanya Cincinnati Partnership2Gether Plan, update and follow up on the Partnership's vision Take part in planning, overseeing, reporting and assessing of the Partnership projects Improve working relationship of steering committee members Methods of operation and planned timetable for implementation Members of the Netanya Steering Committee, the P2G coordinator and P2G director will travel to Netanya for Joint Steering Committee sessions with their Cincinnati colleagues. The local chairpersons and staff from Cincinnati are responsible for planning the meetings in coordination with their counterparts in Netanya.