Chaverim M'Israel - Shnat Sherut

Two young adults travel to the Jewish community in Cincinnati, after completing their high school education in Israel, in order to serve as emissaries delegates from Israel. The Chaverim are in charge of developing direct contact with young Cincinnatians and exposing the Cincinnati Community to Israel and to Netanya. The young delegates are connected to the Community Shaliach and the Jewish Institutes throughout Cincinnati and lead activities dealing with Israel and Netanya, for the extensive Jewish Community of Cincinnati. The uniqueness of this program is the direct contact with children, youth and families Goals To develop direct contact between the Chaverim M'Israel and young Cincinnatians Exposing the Cincinnati Community to Israel and to Netanya. Objectives To make direct contact with the Jewish community in Cincinnati. Allowing the community to become acquainted with Israel through the eyes of young delegates. To strengthen relations between people in Netanya and Cincinnati Jewish community. Expose Israel to the non Jewish community. To expand circle of connections with Israel within Jewish community in Cincinnati such as synagogues, schools, youth movements, Hillel, etc.’ Creating personal acquaintances in Netanya Widening the circles of Partnership2Gether in both communities, and operate in collaboration with the Partnership projects.