Dor le Dor: Stories of Jewish Heroism

The stories of the Jewish heroism of the veterans and the children of war in Netivot are not sufficiently familiar among the residents of Netivot and Sedot Negev (and in general in Israeli society). There are gaps and lack of familiarity between Russian speakers and non Russian speakers in Netivot and in general. The cultural treasures of Ethiopian immigrants are not sufficiently familiar, even among the younger generation in the community. The distribution of documentary and storytelling products among high school students and other residents of Netivot and Sedot Negev will reveal the stories of children of war. Development of training and marketing materials in English for community tourism projects in Netivot, to be developed by Atid in a desert in Alfasi neighborhood in Netivot. The integration of the residents of Netivot at a major event at Yad Vashem around Victory Day 2018. Conducting an adult documentation process The Ethiopian community in Netivot, together with young people in the community, with an emphasis on folk tales and proverbs / parables, production and distribution of products. Promoting the distribution of products among Russian speakers and the wider community in Philadelphia (screening films and an exhibition at the Klein Community Center and uploading materials to the Federation website).