Empowerment of the Ethiopian Community

The mission of the Netivot Municipality is growth and excellence.  Our vision includes providing high level services in the fields of education, culture, sport, religion and commerce.  Special attention is given to youth and children and the development of educational and cultural programs that will make Netivot an attractive City In order to fulfill our vision of growth, we are cognizant of the need to generate more opportunities for employment and to empower Ethiopian Israelis living in Netivot.  Program description:  Goals and Activities:  To offer social, cultural and informal educational programs under one roof to the Israeli Ethiopian Community in Netivot.  To enrich and empower children, youth and Ethiopian women.  To preserve Ethiopian culture and folklore and to imbue the community with a sense of pride for their heritage. population: 100 Children form first to sixth grade 60 teenagers 60 Adults Community at large Hundreds of families