Julio Lozano, Ester Garzon and their children.The Jewish Agency for Israel ©, Sarah Bronson

“Israel has the best defense system, which is God.”


The Lozano-Garzon family made Aliyah from Colombia this past January. Meet Julio and Ester, and their children Nethanel (10) -- a gifted young pianist -- and Eliav (1.5), here in the Ye'elim Absorption Center for New Immigrants in Be'ersheva. 


What inspired you to make Aliyah?

"We made Aliyah because we wanted to bring the best of ourselves to this country. It is a country of brilliant minds and creativity. My husband’s dream was to bring his ideas here, and now that dream has come true. This country has its roots deep in the ground, with a wide base, and its leaves and branches protect us."

How has your experience at the Absorption Center been?

"Here at the Ye’elim Absorption Center, it feels like we are always holding our hands out like this [holds them out, palms up] because people give us so much. Our hands can’t hold everything we have received. They give us every type of support, physical and emotional. Obviously the situation concerns us, but we feel safe here, and confident in our decision to move here. Israel has the best defense system, which is God.”

Where do you plan to live, in Israel?

“We traveled all over Israel to look at other cities. We looked at Jerusalem, Ra’anana . . . but our hearts are now in Be’er Sheva. We love this place. Despite the sirens, it is peaceful here. People live calm, quiet lives.”