Houston-Based Noble Energy to Inject $2 Million in Support for Jewish Agency Program for Vulnerable Youth

February 27, 2012 /  4 Adar 5722

Energy Company Helping to Develop Israel’s Economic and Human Potential

New York, NY; February 27, 2012—In recent years, Houston-based Noble Energy—a leading independent energy company—discovered two of the world’s largest deep-water natural gas reserves off Israel’s coast. Having helped put the Jewish State on the path towards energy independence, the company now plans to help some of Israel’s most vulnerable children along the path to their own independent future. And this week it pledged a $2 million gift supporting The Jewish Agency’s Youth Futures program.

One of the Agency’s flagship programs, Youth Futures works in 32 locations across Israel’s periphery (both geographic and demographic), engaging some 400 trustees who are working with more than 10,000 youth and their families. The Trustees—themselves young adults, who grew up in the social and economic periphery--are social activists. Having completed their army service and college degrees, they work with the youth and their families to access local resources and services that help them overcome economic, social, and academic barriers. Improved school attendance and performance, increased parental involvement, and community activism are among Youth Futures' significant outcomes, which ultimately strengthen families and communities. 

James Tisch, The Jewish Agency’s Chairman of the Board of Governor’s, emphasized that Noble Energy’s support of Youth Futures represents corporate citizenship at its best Chairman of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors James S. Tisch said that the Jewish Agency is proud to partner with Noble Energy in the organization’s Youth Futures program, and noted that the partnership is evidence of the importance of education and the encouragement of volunteerism and youth empowerment throughout Israel.

Noble Energy has a staff in Israel of more than 100 employees. Bini Zomer, Noble Energy’s Director of Corporate Affairs in Israel said that his company’s gift represents not only a financial commitment, but a true partnership.

“Noble is proud to participate as a partner in Youth Futures with the Jewish Agency,” Zomer said. “It’s more than sponsorship. We’re supporting a program that Noble Energy employees can participate.

The Agency’s Chairman of the Executive, Natan Sharansky, pointed out that that enabling a program like Youth Futures to grow will make a lasting impact on Israel’s society, just as its development of Israel’s energy production potential will help provide economic security for years to come.

“Noble Energy is a true and sincere partner in an incredible program that improves education and is effecting change in the lives of thousands of children and families throughout the country,” Sharansky said. “Along with the activism of young people throughout Israel’s periphery, this will strengthen Israeli society for generations to come.”

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