Doctors making Aliyah with The Jewish Agency

September 2, 2010 / 23 Elul 5770

The Jewish Agency running special programs for facilitating the aliyah of doctors and their absorption in the health system.

30 of them arrived this week in Ashdod and began preparing for their licensing exam.

Faced with a situation of severe overcrowding in Israel’s hospitals and a growing shortage of doctors, the Jewish Agency decided to help solve the problem and is developing programs to bring doctors to Israel and facilitate their absorption in the health system.

The Jewish Agency noted that at this first stage, the programs are aimed at bringing doctors from South America and the FSU, and in the future the programs will be expanded to European countries. 

The doctors coming to Israel are from a wide range of fields: anesthesiology, gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics and surgery.  “This is a young people of high caliber and we must make every effort to help them integrate successfully in Israel,Eli Cohen Director-General of Jewish Agency Aliyah Department said.

Within the framework of one of the programs, 30 doctors made aliyah this week and headed to the jewish Agency`s Beit Canada absorption center in Ashdod.  During their first year in Israel they will learn Hebrew and take a preparatory course for the Israeli medical licensing exam run by the Ministry of immigrant Absorption, with assistance from the ministries of Health and Education.  Those who pass the exam will begin working in hospitals connected to the Clalit health fund and the Ministry of Health.

An additional group of 16 doctors will be arriving at Kibbutz Merhaviya  in October as part of the “First Home in the Homeland” project.  This program is aimed at doctors with more than 14 years experience in the field, as they are exempt from the licensing exam and can get certification after a short time in the hospitals and a verbal exam.

In parallel, around 60 young doctors and medical students will be coming to Israel in October within the MASA Israel Journey framework – a joint project of the Jewish Agency and the Government of Israel.  This  program will enable young people to become familiar with the Israel medical system by working at Soroka Hospital in Beersheva or the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, besides strengthening their connection to Israeli society.

Dr. Olga Baskin

Dr. Olga Baskin (aged 28) made aliyah from Belarus a year ago after taking part in a MASA Israel Journey pilot program and passing the licensing exam.  Baskin is now in the midst of her residency in the internal medicine department at Assaf Harofe hospital.  “I don’t feel alone in Israel, I met good people who are like my family”, Baskin said.  “Now I want to raise a family here, finish my residency and see my parents and brothers join me here in Israel.”

For photos of the inauguration of the new program at the Jewish Agency's Beit Canada Absorption Center in Ashdod, click here

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