The Jewish Agency for Israel to provide 40 million shekel for the fortification of Israeli communities close to the Gaza Strip

October 28, 2012 / 12 Cheshvan 5773

The Jewish Agency for Israel will provide 40 million shekel for the fortification of houses between 4.5 to 7km from the Gaza Strip. The funds will be used to build protected spaces in residential housing in the area. The protected spaces will be built by the Jewish Agency’s subsidiary company, Amigour, which is responsible today for the building of 5,000 protected spaces in Sderot and other communities in the Gaza area.

In addition to the contribution from The Jewish Agency for Israel, the government of Israel approved today (Sunday, 29.10) an additional allocation to be spread over three years for the building of protected spaces in the Gaza area.

Jewish and Israeli leaders attending the Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors in Tel Aviv were updated about the decision.   The Board of Governors meets three times a year to hold in depth strategic discussions about issues affecting the Jewish world.

For further information please contact:
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28 Oct 2012 / 12 Heshvan 5773 0