Mayor Barkat Calls Upon Jews Around the
World to Reconnect to Jerusalem in 5770

September 16, 2009 / 27 Elul 5769

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat released a video greeting to Jews around the world on the eve of Rosh Hashannah 5770, calling upon them to reconnect to Jerusalem in 5770. Mayor Barkat released the greeting on his YouTube Channel, his Twitter account, and his Facebook account.

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Full text:

“Dear Friends and Lovers of Jerusalem from Around the World,

The month of Elul is a special month for Jerusalem. Schools and kindergartens are filled again with the laughter of children, youth groups start their activities again after the summer. At nights – in the allies around the city, thousands of visitors from around the world absorb the unique atmosphere that envelops the city. Here in Jerusalem, the summer of 5769 was better than ever. Hundreds of thousands of visitors filled the festivals and outdoor events throughout the city.

Young adults danced away at our Friday afternoon street parties down town. This summer demonstrated to me, as Mayor, the great cultural potential of Jerusalem that the residents and the shareholders of Jerusalem around the world long for. Last year we have started a number of initiatives that will help us bring change in Jerusalem: We doubled the culture budget to 20 million shekels, we have established a new municipal department for business promotion and development, we launched a joint venture called Academic City with the universities and the colleges to strengthen and increase the number of higher education students in the city, we developed major reforms to bring a borough system to improve the cleanliness of all parts of the city. This is only the beginning. We already see the start of changes throughout the city. For the first time in years, the negative migration of Jews from the city is declining. I hope that we will continue, together, to focus on urban renewal and that this new year, Jerusalem will rise to the top of the agenda, here in Israel and around the world. This Rosh Hashannah, as Jews throughout the world gather around the holiday table, with friends and family alike, I ask that each and every one of you thinks about the way that you can reconnect to Jerusalem this year, a year that will bring a renewed spirit to rebuilding and strengthening our holy city and the capital of the Jewish people. From my family to yours, Shannah Tovah! I hope to see you back home in Jerusalem again very soon.”

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