Since yesterday, more than 400 rockets and mortar rounds have landed in Israel from Gaza. Photo: Illustrative

Responding to Rocket Fire from Gaza

Since yesterday, more than 400 rockets and mortar rounds have landed in Israel from Gaza.

Air-raid sirens have been blaring across southern Israel since yesterday. Terrorists have fired more than 400 rockets and mortar rounds from Gaza, in what is considered one of the largest-ever barrages on southern Israel. Thousands of families stayed in bomb shelters last night. There has been at least one death, and several people have been injured.

As we do every time an emergency arises in Israel, The Jewish Agency for Israel has acted swiftly and effectively, as the representative of global Jewry, to take an active leadership role. Our security department is working with every one of our programs to assess and ensure the safety of our participants. In coordination with national and municipal agencies, we are working to keep residents of southern Israel safe and to provide physical, financial and emotional support.

Since yesterday, The Jewish Agency’s employees on the ground have been distributing financial aid from our Fund for Victims of Terror. So far 17 people have already received emergency grants. Amigour’s staff and construction crews are on the ground right now, restoring apartments and homes. Our Youth Futures mentors are contacting each of the individual children in their charge and identifying ways they can help the families.

The Jewish Agency’s Chairman of the Executive, Isaac Herzog, is currently in the south to show support for the communities in rocket range, and visiting those who were injured. Herzog is also meeting with participants of Masa Israel Journey programs and new immigrants in our Absorption Centers.
Our Absorption Centers for new immigrants and Amigour residences for the elderly serve some of the most vulnerable members of Israeli society, including new immigrants from Ethiopia who do not yet speak Hebrew and Holocaust survivors with severe mobility issues. In all our facilities, Jewish Agency staff have ensured that all beneficiaries understand what to do when they hear an air-raid siren, and teams are available to help those with mobility problems to reach bomb shelters as quickly as possible. Staff are also working to address signs of trauma among the residents, and the Security Unit stands ready to bring more guards to any Jewish Agency facilities if indicated.
We are able to provide all these essential services thanks to The Jewish Federations of North America and all our supporters worldwide. We cannot stress enough the importance of the emotional support provided by Jewish communities around the world to their Partnership regions in southern Israel. 

As the situation continues to develop, we will keep you updated.



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13 Nov 2018 / 5 Kislev 5779 0