Welcome to our thoughts on programming around the theme of Tisha B'av, which presents the educator with real challenges in both programming and content.

We have tried to produce something "a little bit different" from the usual anthology/references to appropriate texts and would like to note an acknowledgement to the experimental publication produced on Tisha B'av [Hadracha Digest, Youth & Hechalutz Dept.] in 1986, from which several central concepts have been developed. [This booklet, essentially for groups in Israel over the summer, was utilized extensively in the Diaspora. The second reprint is now out of stock.]

We also wish to acknowledge a thought-provoking presentation by Avraham Burg, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, on the developmental spiral model of the Jewish year against the continuum of time, given to the staff at the Education Campus on March 24th 1996 - 4th Nisan 5756.

Please note that we have linked the developmental programming models below to Jerusalem in Jewish Consciousness, as presented in the relevant chapter, 'The Eternal Connection between the Jewish People and Jerusalem' in Abraham Stahl's "Jerusalem Through the Windows of Time".




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07 Jun 2005 / 29 Iyar 5765 0