English Kaytana

British youth movement madrichim and Israeli community center madrichim join together to provide a one week day camp of English activities for children during the summer holiday. The madrichim spend a total of 10 days in the region, getting to know one another, touring the Galilee, and preparing activities for the Kaitena. British madrichim stay with host families or live in rented accommodations and are matched with host families for Shabbat during their stay. They also participate in local events and enjoy an enrichment program during their time in the community. Israeli children participating in the Kaitenot improve their English language skills and develop higher motivation and enthusiasm for learning English through their contact with the British madrichim. The English Kaitenot add an additional element to the spiral of continuity between the British youth movements and the Northern Galil communities they are connected with. In 2013 14 we expect to run three English Kaitanot in the Galilee.