Limmud Galil

Limmud Galil provides a framework for heightening Jewish awareness and education in the Partnership region. A dedicated group of Pe'ilim (activists), including past Limmud UK delegates and regional residents, organize events and activities throughout the year, which center around Jewish learning and join all sectors of the regional population, religious and secular alike. Activities include an annual two day conference in Rosh Ha'Nikra open to the wide Israeli community and attracting annually over 250 participants, Shabbat conferences, "Tiyul'Limmud" (a two day outdoor event), Tu B'Shvat Seder and several "Beit Midrash" meetings. Limmud Galil is the first Limmud organization in Israel inspired by Limmud UK. It has become a partner in the wider Limmud International community, serving as a mentor to other Limmud communities in Israel and contributing to Limmud Hevruta study world wide.