Central Arava - Australia

Partnership 2Gether Arava Australia is a program of the Jewish Agency and the Zionist Federation of Australia that promotes people to people relationships through cultural, social and educational programs.

P2G is part of a global network of over 45 Partnerships that aims to be the central network for the promotion of connection between Jewish communities and developing Jewish Peoplehood.

P2G has become the paradigm for successfully partnering global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities. Australia has been partnered  with the Central Arava since 1995.

Our Goals

·       Offer a face to face way of connecting through reciprocal programs and home hospitality.

·       Create meaningful engagement between Israelis living in the Arava and Jews living in Australia.

·       Inspire Jews to explore and broaden their connection to the Jewish People and to Israel.

The Central Arava Region

·       Located in the southern part of Israel

·       Comprises 6% of the area of israel

·       Has 3500 residents (900 families)

·       The main livelihood is agriculture ; hothouse bell peppers , dates, melons, tomatoes and tropical fish.

·       The region is on the cutting edge of advanced agriculture in arid conditions.

·       Comprises of 5 moshavim Idan, Hatzeva, Ein-Yahav, Tzofar and Paran, the Regional Centre in Sapir and Zuqim, the new tourism based community.

·       Produces  60% of Israeli vegetable export and 10% of cut flower export.

·       Average annual rainfall of less than 30 mm.