Ramat Ha'Negev - Denver

Ramat Hanegev and the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado, with the assistance of the Jewish Agency, formed Partnership2Gether (formerly Partnership 2000) ties back in 1999.

The Colorado community chose Ramat Hanegev as the principal platform for connecting its members to Israel, giving rise to a genuine partnership in many aspects, which include environmental protection, education, tourism, economic development and many reciprocal visits.

The Ramat Hanegev and Colorado communities have found common ground in many areas including nature, sports, environmental protection, alternative energy, desert agriculture and pioneering. Both communities are characterized by a deep love for their respective communities and for Israel.

The joint programs focus their attention and emphasis on developing personal relationships as a foundation for future ties between youths, getting personally acquainted through programs such as HIP, IST, summer camps in Denver, and exchange delegations and reciprocal visits.

The heads of the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado and the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council regard the partnership as one of their top priorities and devote a great many resources to creating both a spiritual and a practical connection between the communities. The joint Partnership2Gether steering committee was established by both organizations to provide a decision making body for proposing and approving projects and joint budgets.

The Ramat Hanegev and Colorado communities have built a true partnership and formed deep friendships over the years, between individuals and families, organizations and institutions, educational programs and school systems - people to people.

The Nitzana Youth Aliyah Village provides a homeaway-from-home for teenage immigrants to Israel from Ethiopia and the Former Soviet Union.
Since 1999, the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado has been providing annual support equal to as much as 25% of the village’s budget. Those dollars have primarily funded two specific programs: 
1) Kedma is a program for new immigrants from Ethiopia from 16 to 18 years-of-age. It includes a very high level of study in math, English, and computer technology to prepare them for matriculation to either university or the Army. Through Kedma, we are building the next leadership group for the Ethiopian community in Israel.
2) Selah is a program for selected students between the ages of 17 and 23 from the Former Soviet Union. These students have immigrated to Israel before their parents and spend one year participating in a very high level of study at Nitzana that will prepare them to enter university and build a life in Israel so that they can, in turn, bring their parents and other family members to join them.