Tzahar - Palm Beach

PB-Zahar P2G

The Zahar Region is one of the first Partnerships established in Israel, in 1995. It was chosen by Palm Beach Federation as its Partnership Region because together, the 3 localities form an almost complete microcosm of Israeli society in addition to great physical beauty.

Zfat is one of Israel's 4 holy cities (along with Jerusalem, Hebron and Tiberius), home of modern Kabala, steeped in Jewish tradition. Hazor – a development town established in the 1950's to absorb new immigrants, primarily from North African and Asia. Rosh Pina – one of Israel's first modern "moshavot", established around 130 years ago, originally agriculturally based, currently a favorite holiday destination for tourists from Israel and abroad.

The partnership focuses on creating meaningful relationships between the Jewish community in Palm Beach and the residents of Zahar, strengthening Jewish identity and fostering a commitment to Jewish peoplehood.

Zahar is your "home away from home" in Israel - enjoy it!