Karmiel & Misgav and Pittsburgh Programs

Within the “Partnership 2Gether Karmiel-Misgav-Pittsburgh” framework there are numerous programs aimed at providing substance to the words of the vision.

The partnership operates a variety of programs in the fields of reciprocal relations between young people and adults, and others intended to serve as a catalyst for regional economic and community development.

In this spirit, the partnership this year is operating the following programs:


• Sviva Israel (Eco Connection) – School Twinning Program

• Post- Army (Emissary)- Counselors from the area (post-army service) to work at Pittsburgh JCC summer camps


Face 2 Face: This program addresses the need to establish professional connections through people to-people exchanges, which develop a living bridge for professionals in both of our communities.


These offer the women of our communities the opportunity to increase awareness

of women’s issues in both places via encounters, seminars, and events that empower groups of women using the partnership as a platform.


•Teen Leadership Diller: The program create real bonds between the teens in Karmiel & Misgav and in Pittsburgh Partnership community through leadership program. The program aim to enhance the teens’ Jewish identity and their personal sense of connection to The State of Israel via connecting our communities.

• Hosting a delegation of Jr. Counselors from Pittsburgh by their Israeli counterparts in the area

• The Arts and Writing Competition- the Competition has a long history as one of the Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh’s signature programs, engaging hundreds of middle and high school students in the region each year. 

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