Coast-to-Coast - Galilee Panhandle partnership

The Mission of our partnership is to build and strengthen relationships between the people and communities of Coast to Coast Canada and Etzbah HaGalil, to foster a love of Israel and a commitment to Jewish Peoplehood, and to promote the mutual well-being of our communities.

Vision: A recognized and visionary regional partner in the Etzbah HaGalil, leading successful, enduring efforts to strengthen community and Jewish peoplehood for the long term.


How does it work?

The partnership has two main areas of focus: people to people and regional development.

Focusing on regional development, the Coast-to-Coast partnership with the Galilee Panhandle aims to reverse the North's overall vulnerability by laying foundations for community resilience, emergency preparedness and economic growth.

Two of the major strategic themes of the partnership are:

  • Youth and Education – advancing educational standards, from kindergarten to university, and programs in both informal and formal educational spheres are important in order to enhance the region’s social opportunities, attract young families and boost population retention.
  • Capacity Building –this includes leadership development, volunteerism, young populations, infrastructure, regional development and economic development – all aimed at further developing the region by strengthening its communities.

Partnership Director: Eran Shmueli-David  |  | Office: 972-2-620 4320 | Moble: 972-52-613 0913   

Partnership Coordinator : Meytal Novidomsky - Mazeika | | Office: 972- 4-8181789 | Mobile: 972-53-8204447