Karmiel-Misgav - Pittsburgh

The Karmiel-Misgav area is an integral part of the Partnership 2Gether Program of the Jewish Agency for Israel.

The bonds between the Karmiel-Misgav area and the Jewish Community of Greater Pittsburgh have continued for more than 18 years and produced numerous programs aimed at advancing the area’s welfare.

In recent years, changes have occurred in the Jewish People in Israel and the Diaspora. On one hand, decreased numbers in the Diaspora, an estrangement from the State of Israel, while on the other, a strengthened State of Israel in light of the achievements and challenges facing Israeli society, changes in the shared discourse between Diaspora Jewry in general and us and in particular with our partners in the Pittsburgh Jewish Community.

It is clear to us that the personal contact, face-to-face relationships between teens, young people and adults, professionals from a variety of fields, educators and others is the key to enhancing Jewish Identity and bonds with the State of Israel in Israel and communities abroad. Many of the partnership programs create a platform that enables a direct discourse with friends and partners in Pittsburgh and makes the Karmiel-Misgav area, the “home” in Israel for the Pittsburgh Jewish Community.

 Organizational Structure

The partnership is managed through a Joint Steering Committee headed by a group of four lay leadership chairpersons, two from Pittsburgh, one each from Karmiel and Misgav. The committee is responsible for outlining the strategy of the annual work plan. The Steering Committee is aided in its work by a number of subcommittees comprised of public representatives and volunteers, all of whom are charged with the initiation, execution and auditing of the Partnership’s annual work plan.

The Partnership’s professional staff includes the Partnership Director, Operations Coordinator and “Gesher Le’Kesher” coordinator, responsible for actual execution of the Partnership’s work plan.



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