Kiryat Motzkin - Orlando

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Partnership Kiryat Motzkin – Orlando mainly focuses in supporting programs at Kiryat Motzkin that serves the local community among the various age groups in education, Jewish identity, leadership and social welfare.

The Young Leadership program reaches about 150 teenagers, operated by KM Youth Unit and supported by Orlando through P2G. These include youths at risk, children of Olim families, and many others who are not active in youth movements or other after-school programs. Older teens learn how to design and plan activities and serve as counselors to the younger ones. Many activities focus on Jewish themes, celebrating holidays together, etc.

The P2G also contributes to the Center for Learning Improvement (MASHAL) at Kiryat Motzkin. MASHAL is an after school facility for students with learning and other complex disabilities, most of whom study in regular classes and some in the special education system. Students are professionally diagnosed and a developmental treatment program is fitted for each individual in order to improve their social and academic skills, with the goal of keeping them in the regular school system. Areas of activity include remedial teaching, instrumental enrichment, various Para-medical treatments and several types of group or individual therapy, as well as guidance for parents.    

Another program that focuses on Jewish Identity is "Before your Eyes" at Mashmaut Center.  In Kiryat Motzkin, many holocaust survivors participate at no charge in the activities of Mashmaut Center, usually funded by various bodies and designed for teachers. The contribution from Orlando through P2G allows for additional activities, both inside and out of Mashmaut Center. An important aspect of the program is connecting between survivors and the 2nd and 3rd generations, including youths and IDF soldiers.