Shoham - Venezuela

The "Shoham – Venezuela" Partnership 2gether began operating in 2001.

In the past 16 years there is a partnership between the Jewish community in Venezuela and Shoham. As part of this partnership there have been a variety of initiatives for connecting youth, educators, and community activists. This partnership has known many successes and challenges, and it stands now facing a process of renewal. Over the years, the delegations were mainly professionals, as in recent years it has been almost impossible for participants travel to Venezuela.

During the years of the Partnerships existence the Shoham community had develop, while the Jewish community in Venezuela has suffered as a result of political and economic crisis prevailing in the country. The main expression of the crisis is the shrinkage in the community from 25,000 people at the beginning of the millennium to about 8,000 today. However, a well-functioning community in Venezuela organizes and runs religious, educational and community institutes.  Community leaders want to continue to strengthen the partnership with the residents of Shoham. Together with community leaders in Venezuela and by the Jewish Agency they decided to re-launch the partnership and focus on building joint community leadership shared by both communities. To implement this goal, the joint leadership seminar was held which was attended by representatives from both communities who together built the new directions of partnership in the coming years. The seminar brought together 20 women and men from both communities.


Partnership Director: Berkman, Anna


Phone: ‎054-2585235