Rehovot - Minneapolis

Partnership 2Gether Rehovot Minneapolis founded to strengthen our connection to Israel and build a stronger sense of Jewish peoplehood for participants in both cities by fostering enduring and meaningful relationships.
Partnership 2Gether (P2G) is a program of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) that:
Provides opportunities for 500 Jewish communities worldwide to participate in cultural, educational and social exchanges with Israeli communities
Strengthens the bonds between Israel and Diaspora Jewry 
Offers Diaspora Jews a hands on vehicle to assist in Israel’s economic and community development
The Minneapolis Jewish Community is paired with the city of Rehovot and the Central District of Israel. Located about 12 miles south of Tel Aviv, the Central District is one of six administrative districts, including most of the Sharon region. Rehovot has a population around 115,000 and is one of the first communities founded in the modern State of Israel.
To learn more about the city of Rehovot, you can visit their English site here. You can also visit their Hebrew site here.
To learn more about the members of the committee, both locally and in Rehovot, you can visit the Committee Member Page here.