Afula-Gilboa - SNEC

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The Afula-Gilboa partnership has been in existence since 1994. For many of the communities comprising SNEC this was a natural partnership as they had been involved in the Afula-Gilboa region through Project Renewal. The partner community is the Southern New England Consortium (SNEC), composed of 12 Jewish Federations from the area of Connecticut (9) and Massachusetts (3).
At the outset,  the idea was to spread out to as many and varied types of projects as possible; youth and professional exchange programs, extra-curricular enrichment centers, food programs, youth leadership and other. Over the years, the partnership has come to understand the need to focus on a small number of projects in order to create a significant impact and work towards generating real change in the region.
The fact that the partnership is made up of 12 different communities makes it difficult to develop a single common agenda that will interest all the partners. The primary areas of interest shared by the various communities relate to children and young people at risk, professional exchange programs and the partnership's flagship project, "Young Emissaries" - a Year of National, Community Service.
Each of the partnered federations views the partnership from a different perspective, and places emphasis on different aspects of the partnership in their community. All the communities feel a strong commitment to the region and the circle of People to People relationships has grown significantly over the years.
The Afula-Gilboa  region is managed by a Steering Committee chaired by Yvonne Benn. The committee is composed of 12 volunteer members from Afula and the Gilboa Regional Council as well as representatives from the 2 partner municipalities.