Arad - Greater MetroWest

Arad, Tamar and New Jersey and DelawareThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©

Our region, the city of Arad , is partnered with a number of Jewish communities in New Jersey and Metro West in the United States.

The partnership is partly carried out through programs operating at the same time in Israel and in the partner communities abroad, as well as through reciprocal visits by delegations of groups and individuals.

Springtime is always associated with renewal, building and blossoming, and this is how we wish to continue our Partnership, to develop and to grow.

Two years ago the Central New Jersey Jewish community, which was one of the largest communities in our Partnership, merged with the MetroWest New Jersey community.

Greater MetroWest is partnered with a number of communities in Israel, including Ofakim. Since Ofakim is quite close to our region, it was only natural that cooperative efforts  between the two partnerships continue ,

particularly when delegations come to visit both Arad and Ofakim, and joint projects which aim to encourage personal encounters to advance investment in the future of the communities are taking place in both regions.