Shaar Hanegev - San Diego

The Shaar Hanegev Regional Council, Israel, is partnered with the Jewish Federation of San Diego County.

Partnership Director: Yael Raz Lachyani                                                  



  • Shaar Hanegev - San Diego
    To Touch the Material

    A person wakes up one morning and suddenly feels a burning desire to create a social project that combines art and community. Livnat Kutz from Kfar Aza decided on a change of direction in her life, and now she dedicates heart and soul to 'Bet-Melacha' – an open studio for the creative community.

  • Shaar Hanegev - San Diego
    Yehuda Shachor, a beekeeper from Kibbutz Erez, talks about a dream as sweet as honey, and its fulfillment.

    The poet Yehuda Amichai wrote: "No beekeeper shall place his beehives here; but sometimes people produce honey from the wilderness, and that is the sweetest thing of all."

  • Shaar Hanegev - San Diego
    Taglit - Birthright

    Once in a while we are having visits here in the region by a Birthright mission. Forty-two young adults from the San Diego region typically aged 20 and up, come here to discover Israel together.

  • Shaar Hanegev - San Diego
    From the Desk of Alon Schuster

    Each Friday Alon updates residents of Sha'ar Hanegev on goings on in the Regional Council. The following is a portion of his updates over the past month.

  • Shaar Hanegev - San Diego
    Kolnoar Kfar Aza

    What could possibly cause 14 teens that have finished 10th and 11th grades to wake up at seven in the morning during the final week of summer vacation? Not a lot of things for sure…