Yerucham - Miami

The City of Yerucham, Israel, is partnered with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

The Yeruham-Miami partnership revised its vision three years ago and today its goal is to emphasize giving back to the community. The young people who participate in the Partnership's various projects use the tools that they have acquired in order to give back to the community, by volunteering in different frameworks, operating unique projects, etc.

The young people who participate through frameworks such as the Tsofim, Bnei Akiva, Diller, the Youth Council and robotics take part in special projects that make a contribution to the community.

Robotics participants take part in projects that benefit the community such as the Bimba project, a collaborative effort with pre-schools for special needs children – the child-sized motorized bimba vehicles are adapted to the needs of the children, helping them with mobility.

Robotics for the children of the Rachma tribe which lives near Yeruham – once a week the senior robotics group comes to run activities for the children of the Rachma tribe, exposing them to the world of technology and science through experiential robotics activities.   

Diller – graduates of the program who have completed their year of training initiate and lead a number of Impact projects in Yeruham. Fundraising events, dialogue and leadership workshops, summer camps, connecting with different population groups and more. Together they create an impact in the joint community, sharing some of the knowledge and the tools that they attained during their year of training; they are changing the world for the better, step by small, yet significant, step.

One of programs initiated by program graduates, now beginning its third year of operation, is the >"והדרת"  whose goal is to create significant, ongoing ties between youth and veteran residents of Yeruham. During the year the young people learn about the history of Yeruham, from when it was established until today, though meetings with the veteran residents during which the young people document their stories.

Graduates of the various youth movements – the Tsofim, Bnei Akiva and the Youth Council – initiate and run community events throughout the year for the entire population, with special focus on young people, as well as taking part in important ceremonies in Yeruham and hosting youth from Miami visiting Yeruham, and more.


Partnership Director: Nili Avrahami


Phone: 08-6589156