Beit Shean-Valley of Springs - Cleveland

The Beit Shean-Valley of Springs -Cleveland Partnership is one of the veteran Partnerships in the unique Partnerships initiative of the Jewish Agency, to build connections between Israel communities and Jewish communities around the world. It begun its way in 1995 and has been a platform for initiative promotion, community development and various kinds of connections building between Beit Shean, Emek HaMaayanot and Cleveland ever since. Every activity emphasizes using empowering cooperation, and creates interpersonal and inter-community relationships which affect different aspects of life – whether it is community pride and responsibility or Jewish and Zionist identity – of all the participants and their various social circles.

The Partnership is being lead by a steering committee, combined of municipalities representatives and volunteers, residents of the region’s community and Cleveland.

As part of the Strategic Planning Process, which took place in 2011-2012, it has been decided that the Partnership will focus on three main fields: education, community development and tourism. This will be done through the two unique tools of the Partnership: voluntarism and the connection to the Jewish Community in Cleveland.

Vision & Mission Statement

The Beit Shean – Valley of Springs – Cleveland Partnership is an expression of the mutual responsibility of Jews to one another.  Recognition and awareness of the tapestry of needs, benefits and abilities of the participating communities enables the creation of a significant partnership capable of leveraging human and organizational resources for the purpose of regional development, the strengthening of Jewish identity and commitment to the State of Israel.