According to archeologists, the city of Megiddo was destroyed around 1130 BCE . Within the walls of Megiddo was a palace 260 feet long and 100 feet wide- a huge building for it's time. Pictured here is a replica of biblical Megiddo, around 1000 BCE
King Ahab's Stables: Megiddo was at its prime during King Ahab's reign as King of the ten Northern Israel tribes. Within the Megiddo complex there were stables for 450 horses; Megiddo was therefore a major base for King Ahab's forces.

The water tunnel at Megiddo dating from the time of Solomon. King Solomon was interested in the strategic value of Megiddo so he fortified it, building this water tunnel in the event of a siege (Kings I 9:15). However, during Solomon's time, Megiddo was primarily an administrative center.






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