Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey in London. The stone at the base of the chair is called the "Stone of Scone", or Jacob's Pillow. According to Celtic legend, Jacob slept on this stone when he dreamed about the ladder at Beit El (Gen 28;12,18). The stone was brought to Scotland when the Jews were exiled; in 1269 the stone was brought to England by King Edward I. In 1300 the chair was built around the stone.
Ruins of the Biblical city of Beit El, which today is located around  the Arab village of Beitin, 18 km north of Jerusalem. Some archeological findings suggest that the ruins of the houses had mezzuzas on the doorposts and were marked with the Star of David. However, some experts point out that the Star of David was not an exclusively Jewish symbol during the Second Temple period, when these houses were in use.




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