Notice of those murdered on Aug. 30, 1929: On August 23-24 1929 anti-Jewish riots broke out in Hebron. Sixty-seven people, mainly students were murdered and another sixty were injured. The rioters burned synagogues and ransacked the Jewish quarter. The names of those killed were published; among those killed were students from Canada, New York and Philadelphia. They include Aron Sheinberg, 22, from Memphis; Zev Berman, 23, from Philadelphia; Benyamin Hurwitz, 20, from New York; Yaakov Wexler, 17, from Chicago; Zvi Froiman, 21, from Canada; Chaim Krasner, 16, from Brooklyn.


During the Six Day War of 1967 Hebron was liberated from the Jordanian army. Pictured here are Minister of Defence, Moshe Dayan; O.C. Central Command Uzi Narkis; Gen. Rechavam Ze'evi (Gandhi) visiting the gate of the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.


The Tomb of the Patriarchs: The Forefathers of the Jewish people are buried here- Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 23); Isaac and Rebeccah (Genesis 35:28); Jacob and Leah. In Hebrew the tomb is called "Ma'arat Hamachpela", or "double cave" as those buried there were couples. The tomb consists of six centopaths (see map) which are situated directly above the actual burial sites of the Forefathers, albeit many meters above. The Forefathers are actually buried in a cave sealed off beneath the ground, of which there are many legends.


The Jewish quarter with the site of the Ma'arat Hamachpela. Abraham  bought the site (at "full price") from Efron the Hethite in order to bury his wife Sarah there (Genesis 23). Thus Hebron became the first Jewish purchase in Israel. There has been a Jewish presence in Hebron throughout the centuries; however, in 1936 the British forced the remaining Jews who had survived the rioting  of 1929 to leave "to prevent another massacre". From 1967 though, Jews have returned to Hebron and live there today.


The Tomb of Isaac and the alminbar which dates from the 10th century.






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